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Hi there! I’m Maria Sollecito, the munchkin strolling around Greensboro NC with my camera. I specialize in beauty portraits and weddings; and I love meeting new people from all walks of life. Since we’re getting to know each other better, let me tell you a little bit about myself!

I’m a mother to an adventurous little boy a personable little girl, and wife to an amazing man! Loving these three in my life started my venture in stumbling across photography. I’ve always been fascinated by it, and found myself studying it in many forms. It didn’t take long to realize this profession
would allow me to be myself: passionate, fun, and bold! I came to a crossroad after my son was born of whether I should return to work or pursue my passion with photography. Let’s just say I took a jump and went into business around 2012. It’s been a daring journey with the most awesome clients ever! For my portrait clients, we take beauty to another level with a hint of class and elegance. Then there’s so much in store for my wedding couples on their special day. I prep my ears to listen attentively to your opinions; and focus on bringing your vision to life. My “loving to keep it fun” demeanor has helped diffuse some of the most stressful situations. I take full advantage of my munchkin-ness in capturing the best shots by: climbing trees, standing on rocks, laying on the ground, etc. Whatever it takes, consider it done!

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When it’s time to step away from the camera, I can easily be found entertaining my family and friends. But truth be told, I’m truly a bookworm who doesn’t mind disappearing for a few days getting lost in the latest book. I enjoy networking and meeting new people which makes this journey of photography so easy to love!

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As we work together, you reap the benefits of my personal experiences, and of the seasoned professionals who’ve paved the way before me. I challenge myself daily to continue learning and growing my business as I click away. After all, I am a munchkin on a mission.

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