before the wedding

Every wedding is a unique celebration, and one of the best ways to capture it is with family photos taken in traditional wedding attire. But when should these photos be taken? Should you take them before or after the wedding? Here, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of each option, so that you can make […]

When to Take Family Photos in Wedding Attire

It’s that time of year again—Valentine’s Day is here! Whether you’re a newlywed, a couple that’s been together for years, or just someone looking to spread some love on this special day, there are plenty of ways to show your appreciation. One of the most romantic symbols of love is Cupid—that mischievous cherub who fires […]

Cupid is Everywhere on Valentine’s Day!

The question of whether or not to allow your guests to take photos during your ceremony is a tricky one. On the one hand, it’s natural to want your closest friends and family members to be able to capture special moments from your wedding day—but on the other hand, having people snapping pictures can be […]

Capturing Your Special Day: Should You Allow Guests to Take Photos During the Ceremony?

Capturing candid moments during a wedding reception is one of the most important elements of wedding photography, and it’s often the photos that tug at your heartstrings the most. From silly dances and laugh-filled games to touching toasts and loving embraces, there’s something so special about those unscripted moments that can’t be replicated. But how […]

How to Capture Candid Photos at Your Wedding Reception

Krystal & Robert Engagement

Engagement photos are a special way for couples to commemorate their journey on the way to marriage. Whether you’re looking for a mundane headshot or an extravagant editorial-style photo session, engagement photos are a beautiful and unique way to capture your love story. But do you even need them? Let’s explore the pros and cons […]

To Engagement Photos or Not: That is the Question

Planning a wedding or other big event can be an overwhelming process; there are so many details to consider, from the food and decorations to the location and music. One of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is how many photographers you need. After all, your photos will capture your day for eternity—so […]

Capturing Your Big Day: How Many Photographers Do You Need?

Everyone has heard the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” As winter weddings become increasingly popular, many couples are looking for tips on taking beautiful wedding photos during this unique season. Here are some tips on capturing the magic of winter weddings and creating lasting memories that you and your guests can cherish […]

Capturing the Magic of Winter Weddings

When planning a wedding, it is essential to hire the right photographer who can capture your special day and create timeless memories. Asking the right questions before you sign a contract is essential because not all photographers have the same approach or skill set. Here are eight questions to ask before hiring a wedding photographer:  […]

8 Questions You Need To Ask Before Hiring A Wedding Photographer

Everyone loves to always look amazing in photos. With a few simple steps, you can always be sure that your pictures turn out beautiful and timeless.  Without light no perfect shots are possible No matter what the occasion, looking fantastic in photos is always a priority. The first thing to consider when taking pictures is […]

How to Always Look Fantastic in Photos

When most people meet with a photographer, it’s a time for discussing the details of an upcoming session. But it’s also important to meet after the session as well. In my years of experience, I’ve found post-session meetings to be essential in achieving the results my clients expect. They provide an opportunity for the photographer […]

Why You Should Meet with Your Photographer After the Session