Why You Should Meet with Your Photographer After the Session

When most people meet with a photographer, it’s a time for discussing the details of an upcoming session. But it’s also important to meet after the session as well. In my years of experience, I’ve found post-session meetings to be essential in achieving the results my clients expect. They provide an opportunity for the photographer and client to get on the same page before images are edited and products are created. 

There is no doubt that post-session meetings help to ensure that everyone involved understands what types of products or services are needed, whether that’s standard prints for framing, digital delivery for web use, or collaboration on something else entirely. Post-session meetings also offer a chance for clients to bring up their creative ideas with the photographer. It allows us to come up with something truly unique together, something no other post-session meeting can replicate. 

Post-session meetings are an important tool for getting both sides in sync when it comes to creating lasting memories through photography.  Without them, photographers could miss out on creating images tailored specifically towards a client’s vision.

While you may have discussed these items at the start of the process, it can be helpful to meet again after the shoot so that both parties have the chance to review images and select favorites for any purchased products or services. After all, once your photos are taken, you will want to make sure they meet both your vision and expectations before ordering materials like prints or books. 

Meeting with your photographer after the session can also help you ensure that workflows and deadlines meet with both of your timelines; if changes need to be made, this is a great time for making sure that everyone is still on track. 

Ultimately, meeting with your photographer after the session will help ensure success for everyone involved in creating beautiful memories together.

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Why You Should Meet with Your Photographer After the Session

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