Ashley and Reid got married

Before I met Ashley and Reid, Joe with Bella Collina mentioned that he thought we would get along. I’m not sure if he knew of our shared interest with Harry Potter, or if he thought our personalities were similar , but he was right either way!

Ashley and Reid’s wedding was beautiful and unique in every way possible. Reid had custom Batman cufflinks (another obsession), they did a First Look and together, cast a spell on their wedding party. The flower boy was as sweet as can be, (until he stole my job as photographer lol) All of their centerpieces were custom made with purple fairy lights, wands, and each table was either Harry Potter or Batman themed.

While everyone was at the reception having a good time, I was walking through the mansion trying to find a spot to photograph their rings. When I walked through the kitchen, I remembered how Reid told me his proposal story.

They were at home making dinner and Reid, out of nerves, kept throwing food away. Ashley kept asking what was wrong, until finally out of sheer desperation, Reid dropped to his knees, proposed, then apologized that he threw out half their meal. Of course she said yes and they still managed to eat that night!

So when I saw their champagne flutes sitting on the counter, I wanted to create an image that brought their Love Story full circle. Grabbing a pair of wands, the champagne flutes, and rings, I carefully balanced the rings on the rim of the champagne classes, while simultaneously separating the wands so the rings would be centered with each other. A perfect and creative way to tie in their proposal and wedding theme together.






Ashley and Reid got married

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