High Fashion Stylized Bridal Shoot

“Everything happens for a reason”

I had planned this shoot for months. I talked with the ladies at Southern Bride about my vision and they helped select the dress and tux that would best fit the style I was going for.

I had scheduled with Bella Collina my time slot and I had created a roadmap of how best to use my time at the beautiful, yet large venue.

I had met with Olivia and her mom, Patricia, to try on her dress a week before. It was made out of lace with a low back and a long elegant train. Her partner Ryan was unable to come, so we had scheduled a time for him to come on his own. His tux was tan with a pastel colored bowtie. The theme was simple and sweet. I was excited for this shoot, that I had trouble sleeping the night before.

That all changed.

The next morning, the skies looked gray and murky. Usually ideal for photographers when it’s cloudy. It’s like one giant soft box, eliminating all shadows and harsh light. I hopped in the car to pick up the dress and tux before our shoot. Southern Bride, located in Yadkinville, NC was about an hour away, so I grabbed my coffee and headed out the door.

About 45min away, it had started to rain… heavily. Soon, my phone started ringing. Concerned with the weather, everyone had offered to reschedule. However, due to everyone’s schedules, we did not know how long we would have to wait.

4 months later…


I was on the phone with Southern Bride. They had sold the dress Olivia had originally tried on. I don’t blame them, it was a gorgeousdress. So I called Patricia to see if they can make the drive for another fitting. Such troopers they were! So we met again to try on another dress.

Now, a lot can happen in 4 months…

It was during this time period that I started to study more high fashion shoots. Whereas the first shoot was going to be a more traditional theme, I decided to aim for a more couture and high fashion theme. Plus, with 2 agency affiliated models, I had to do them justice!

After explaining my new vision to Vicky, she grabbed a very simple, yet elegant and form fitting gown. But what truly brought it together was a birdcage veil that had just come in.

So once again, we made the trip to Stokesdale. And what had originally started as once concept, evolved into the most stunning images I have ever created!


Photographer: Maria Sollecito

Venue: Bella Collina

Bride: Olivia Billings

Groom: Ryan Thompson

Hair and Makeup: Maria Luz 

Wardrobe: Southern Bride






High Fashion Stylized Bridal Shoot

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