Katie and Alex’s Wedding at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

Love stories have a way of unfolding in the most unexpected and enchanting places. For Katie and Alex, their journey began at North Carolina State University, and it culminated in a breathtaking celebration of their union at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh, NC. The picturesque venue set the stage for a day filled with love, surprises, and unforgettable moments.

Katie and Alex, both proud graduates of NC State, first crossed paths in the bustling heart of downtown Raleigh, where they worked side by side. Little did they know that their professional connection would blossom into a love that would last a lifetime. As fate would have it, their journey brought them back to the vibrant city that witnessed the start of their story.

The excitement of their wedding day unfolded at the Marriott Downtown, where both Katie and Alex prepared for the momentous occasion. The anticipation reached its peak during their First Look, a cherished tradition where the couple sees each other for the first time before the ceremony. Alex’s reaction to seeing Katie was nothing short of awe, a testament to the profound love they share.

The day, however, took an unexpected turn when their trolley, intended to transport them and their guests for photos throughout downtown, encountered a festival in full swing. Undeterred, the couple and their wedding party gracefully adapted, relocating to the massive globe nearby for an impromptu photoshoot. The flexibility and grace with which they navigated this unexpected twist set the tone for the rest of the day.

The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences provided a stunning backdrop for the couple’s nuptials. Photos on top of the globe captured the essence of their love against the backdrop of the city. However, the real magic happened when Katie and Alex shared their First Dance beneath the towering brachiosaurus, a moment that felt as if it was plucked from a fairytale.

Jennifer Ball with Knot Your Average Events played a pivotal role in bringing Katie and Alex’s vision to life. Her meticulous design and coordination ensured that every detail seamlessly came together, creating an atmosphere of pure enchantment.

Gary from Flowers by Gary worked his floral magic, creating a bouquet that was a true reflection of Katie and Alex’s love story. The bouquet, a masterpiece in itself, incorporated butterflies, dragonflies, and even a peacock feather, symbolizing the transformative and free-spirited nature of their love. With each carefully chosen bloom, Gary added a touch of magic to the day, turning a simple arrangement into a living work of art that complemented the enchantment of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences setting.

Ray with Steel Impressions took the reins, ensuring that the dance floor remained alive with energy throughout the evening. Even the maid of honor’s son couldn’t resist joining in on the celebration, a testament to the infectious joy that permeated the atmosphere.

As the night drew to a close, guests bid farewell to the newlyweds with confetti-less poppers, creating a magical and celebratory send-off. The joyous occasion was a fitting end to a day filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable memories.

Katie and Alex’s wedding at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences was a celebration of love, resilience, and the beauty of unexpected surprises. Their journey, from colleagues in downtown Raleigh to dancing beneath the brachiosaurus, serves as a reminder that love can flourish in the most unexpected places, creating a story that will be told for generations to come.

Vendors: North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences https://naturalsciences.org
Photographer: Maria Sollecito Photography http://www.mariasollecito.com
Wedding Planner: Knot Your Average Events https://knotyouraverageevents.com
Hair and Makeup: Brittany DiCello https://thefinishingtouchconsulting.wordpress.com
Florist: Flowers by Gary https://www.instagram.com/flowersbygary/?hl=en
Caterer: Rocky Top Catering https://rockytopcatering.com
DJ: Steel Impressions https://www.steelimpressionsmusic.com
Officiant: Stephanie Shaffer https://stephanieshafferceremonies.com
Rentals: Curated Events https://curatedevents.com/raleigh/
Wedding Dress: The Little White Dress https://www.thelittlewhitedress.net
Bridesmaids Dresses: Azazie https://www.azazie.com
Tux: Men’s Warehouse https://www.menswearhouse.com
Videograher: Story Focused Media https://www.storyfocusedmedia.com
Transportation: The Great Raleigh Trolley https://www.greatraleightrolley.com

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Katie and Alex’s Wedding at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

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