Portrait Palooza 2017

So 2 weeks ago, I took part in a photography contest. I attended the year before and had so much fun that I couldn’t wait for this year to arrive!

Then, the event notification popped up, with the date and the location. It was game time. 

I racked my brain and thought of some concepts I wanted to do. Eventually, I came up with the perfect idea, the best location set out. It was going to be out front with sun flare! And pink and purple skies! And a possible veil toss! And maybe some smoke!

I packed up my car, dropped Mason off with his grandparents and headed to The Carolina Inn.

Then, I found out we weren’t allowed to go outside….

“Oh sh*t, oh sh*t, oh sh*t” I had 30 minutes to find a new location and a new concept. I literally spent that time running back and forth, running upstairs, timing the elevator on my stopwatch.

Then, I found my perfect location next to a fireplace and with nice, big open windows down a private hallway… where shortly after, the staff started to bring in tables to set up for a private party… NOOOO!

So I took the elevator (timed of course) up to the 2nd floor and looked around. Then I took it up to the 3rd floor just to see what options there were. When I found this window, the perfect concept came to mind. The trick was, would we get there in time?

So after meeting my model, first thing I asked was how fast she could run. (In retrospect, I should have been more polite and asked what her name was first, THEN how fast of a runner she was – I am so sorry Nicole, I am a lot more pleasant!)

Then the contest began! I took off! I rounded the corner, grabbed my camera, Nicole struck a pose! Bam! Another pose! Bam! Another one! Bam bam bam! Then we headed towards the elevator! I was in the lead, Nicole kicked her shoes off and followed, Rebecca (my lovely voice activated light stand) brought up the rear! I pressed the button (many times) and the elevator dinged! We got in and went up. Got off on the 3rd floor and turned left. Realized we went the wrong way and went right. Nicole sat down, I arranged her dress, and pressed the shutter.


We were done. We rode the elevator back down and headed back to the waiting room. I drank water. I drank a lot of water. Then I said goodbye to everyone, went to my parents house, got Mason, and headed home.

Was this all worth it?

You bet 🙂


Hair – Hair By Cheri
Make up – Krista Masey
Flowers – Southern Petals
Gown – Gilded Bridal
Model – Nicole Graziano





Portrait Palooza 2017

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