Preparing for your Engagement Shoot

Congratulations! You’re getting married! You have the date and the venue all lined up, now your next step is choosing a photographer. You chose a few, based on their style and portfolio, but how do pick the right one for your special day?

Engagement sessions are so important in this aspect. The photographer is able to get to know you during this time. No pressure and no stress! They see what makes you laugh and how to get you out of your comfort zone, which result in much more natural poses. They can also learn about what your likes and dislikes and maybe even what you are self conscious about. For you, it’s also a chance to “test the waters” so to speak and determine whether or not we are a good fit. Wouldn’t you rather find out prior to the biggest day of your life!

Below are some tips to make the most of your engagement session!

Before the Session

Have a discussion with your partner about what kinds of engagement photos you’d like—posed or candid, formal or casual.

Pick the place. We love when our couples choose a location that is meaningful to them. It could be where you had your first date, or even where he proposed!

Think of a theme if you want. Sometimes couple set up scenarios for their engagement sessions that are more than just hanging out and looking adorable. Some ideas would be a camping out, cooking, playing with your pets, etc. The possibilities are endless. It’s fun when couples really get into the session and make it their own.

The more we are able to discuss and collaborate prior to the shoot, the more I can make this experience customized to your needs. We will then establish your appointment date and time.

We will then keep a close eye on the weather forecast.  If we see that the weather may not be the greatest on the day your session is scheduled, we may need to reschedule for an earlier or later time during that day.  If the day does not look like it will be good at all we will reschedule for a completely different day.

The next step is to meet for your engagement session.  Some people become nervous on this day.  I can assure you that there is nothing to be nervous about. We will have a ton of fun and all of the images that we capture will be fantastic.

What to Wear

A good choice in clothing is one of the key elements of a great photo session! Here are some helpful tips.

  • Consider your location. Think about where you will be shooting. Choose outfits that will add to that location and coordinate.
  • Keep it simple. Clothing should be simple and timeless. Solid colors or simple patterns. Don’t wear all white. The eye goes straight to the brightest point of an image. We want you to be the main subject, not the clothes.
  • Add texture. Texture adds an element of interest to a photograph. Layering also makes for easy clothing changes (Large, busy prints, checkered patterns & geometric designs don’t photograph well); longer sleeves photograph the best, while shorter ones tend to make arms look bigger.
  • Avoid logos, cartoon characters, and anything else that might be distracting and date a photograph.
  • If you normally wear glasses, you should wear them for your portrait. However, glasses GLARE. So, we ask that you borrow a set of frames (without lenses) from your optometrist for your session. Most places do this free of charge.
  • Ladies: If you wear makeup, please wear a little bit more than you normally would. Makeup tends to look more toned down in photos, because the camera removes about 20%. We also offer a professional hair and makeup artist.

If you aren’t sure, feel free to ask and we can decide together. I am available for any consulting and suggestions.

Just Have Fun!

During your session it is important that you feel comfortable and at ease. You should have a natural smile. If you feel pressured to smile you might not have the natural look that people strive to see in the images.

Most of our best shots are ones that we refer to as “in- between” shots. These happen when the person who is being photographed relaxes and has a natural smile.

We have some tricks to make the job fun and easy so that the subject you do not have to worry and try so hard.  This is your day so you should relax and enjoy it.





Preparing for your Engagement Shoot

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