Cost Effective Save The Dates

Newly engaged? Congratulations! Now, it’s time to let your guests know so they can mark the date on the calendar. And the best way is with a save the date card.

Here are some FAQs about Save the Dates, as well as some tips to make them the most cost effective.

What are Save the Dates? Save the Dates are an official announcement of your wedding date and location, and that they will be invited.

Do we have to send them? While it’s not mandatory, it is a good idea. It lets your guests know your date, so they can request off work and make travel arrangements. It also sets the overall tone of your wedding. The more formal the wedding, the more likely a printed card will set the tone you want your wedding to have.

When do we send them? Typically 4-6 months in advance. Earlier if you are doing a destination wedding.

Who gets them? Every household, not every guest.

How should we send them? There are so many options, from digital, to postcards, to magnets. However, each one has a pro and con. Digital is the most cost effective, but how tech savvy are your guests? Or they may get filtered to your spam folder. Tangible items such as postcards and magnets, your guests are more likely to hang it up where they will be reminded of your event. One tip to help save money is to divide your save the dates. Send magnets and postcards to your closest family and friends, and digitals to those less likely to attend or who are more tech saavy.

Now that you decided how you want to send out your save the dates, let’s talk about where to order them.

Basic Invite offers everything, from postcards to magnets to invitations. What sets them apart is that they have 180 different color options, which is all interchangeable. You can change the color of each element and receive an instant preview online. The card can be exactly how you want it, down to the littlest detail.

Here is a link to some Save the Dates
If you prefer magnets, here is a link for that

Check out their website and social media, as well as some of their products below.









Cost Effective Save The Dates

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