Different Styles of Photography

Each photographer has their own unique style, which you can see in their portfolio. Before you choose a photographer, consider the type of style you prefer first. 

Types of styles and what the photographer will be doing to capture those moments:
– Traditional: Classic and posed, this style requires the photographer to get involved in directing and posing. 
– Photojournalistic: More informal and documentary, the photographer will blend in to capture candid moments from a distance. 
– Illustrative: A blend of traditional and photojournalistic. The photographer places subjects together in an environment and encourages them to interact with each other. They then capture candids as they happen organically, as well as offering technical control of posed shots. 
– Fine Art: Uses artistic angles, creative lighting, and unique compositions to create amazing images. Photographers are very meticulous from the backdrop to the posing. 

I tend to be more Illustrative, where I specialize in “Posed Candids.” I love to create the moment, as well as talking to my couples to see if there is anything they are self conscious about and would like minimized.

How will the photographer be utilizing light?
– Natural: Using natural light instead of a camera flash. 
– Dramatic: Using artificial light to create a light, especially if the sun isn’t cooperating on your wedding day. 

While I love the look of natural light, I cannot control the weather. Therefore, I use off camera flash to control my light and surroundings.

What does the final product look like?
Bright and airy or dark and moody

I am neither, but a “True to color” editing style. When you invest so much on your wedding day, don’t you want to remember what the actual colors and day looked like?





Different Styles of Photography

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