Why have an engagement shoot?

I get this question asked a lot, so I thought it would be best to write a blog about it. There are so many pros to having one.

1. You get to know your photographer. And they get to know you! Your photographer will be by your side on one of the biggest, and most emotional day of your life. So you want to make sure you both mesh well.

2. You get to practice in front of the camera. You get to learn your best angles, and get comfortable with each other in front of the camera. Wouldn’t you rather figure this all out, instead of the day of the wedding where “time is of the essence.”

3. Professional photos of you two, not in your wedding outfits. Your wedding photos will be from your wedding. Your engagement photos are more versatile and can be displayed in your house, used for Christmas cards, etc.

4. Can experience something that you couldn’t on your wedding day. Wanted to get married at the beach, but chose a venue in the city? You can use your engagement shoot as a chance to experience something that you can’t the day of your wedding.

5. It will let you reconnect with each other. Think about having your engagement photos at the location of your First Date. Or you can even shoot at your venue, where you can see where the best location and light is.

6. Use your engagement photos for Save the Dates, Thank You Cards, a wedding website, guest book, something to display at your reception, etc.

The only cons with engagement photos is time and finances, which is completely understandable. So don’t think that you have to get an engagement shoot. Experienced professional photographers will still be able to get the job done the day of your wedding.





Why have an engagement shoot?

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