Greensboro Fashion Week 2018

This past year marked my 3rd year with Greensboro Fashion Week.

It has always been a pleasure to collaborate with Witneigh and Giovanni and see how their work has influenced aspiring artists, and helped create a better community overall. Each year, I enjoy seeing old friends and making new friends.

Not only do I love seeing how passionate people are with what they do, but I love seeing how supportive the community is. As a fellow entrepreneur, it is about community, not competition.

For more information, and to view all of the images from the shows, please go to the following link.





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Greensboro Fashion Week 2018

  1. Karen says:

    Recently moved to this area. Is there still a fashion week in Greensboro? If so when? Please send information if possible for up coming events. I’m sure there is delays due to Covid but any info is appreciated.
    Thank you

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