Over the weekend, I met with my senior representatives to create their prom portraits. We first headed to The Biltmore Greensboro Hotel, where we took some individuals in the lobby as well as some of the twins together. Afterwards we headed to Center City Park, while we waited for the sunset. Unbeknownst to us, there […]

Senior Prom Session

Senior Year…. A time filled with college applications, hanging out with friends, and celebrating your last year in high school. One of the many milestones that also take place during your senior year is PROM. Let’s create some wonderful memories! Get in touch to schedule your session! https://mariasollecito.com/contact Venue: Spring Arbor (https://springarborliving.com/greensboro.htm) Photographer: Maria Sollecito Photography […]

Prom Photoshoot

This past year marked my 3rd year with Greensboro Fashion Week. It has always been a pleasure to collaborate with Witneigh and Giovanni and see how their work has influenced aspiring artists, and helped create a better community overall. Each year, I enjoy seeing old friends and making new friends. Not only do I love […]

Greensboro Fashion Week 2018

When I went to Imaging USA 2017 in Nashville, TN, I was excited to learn that one of my inspirations would be there. I arrived early, sat as close as I could, and diligently took notes. It was amazing to watch Thomas Dodd work, from the beginning to his final creation. After watching him work, I […]


“Being a full time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs… since the payment is pure love” – Mildred B. Vermont I was referred to this particular client from another photographer who was unavailable at the time. She wanted a glamour styled shoot of herself and with her son in a studio… within a week. So I asked to chat […]

Mother’s Day