Mother’s Day

“Being a full time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs… since the payment is pure love” – Mildred B. Vermont

I was referred to this particular client from another photographer who was unavailable at the time. She wanted a glamour styled shoot of herself and with her son in a studio… within a week. So I asked to chat with her on the phone to better determine what she needed and how I could be of assistance. After speaking with her, I was able to customize a session based on her personality and her end goal. Then the planning began.

First, I needed to ensure that I had access to a studio space. The Narnia House, located in High Point is a Co-Op studio that was suitable for what I needed to do. I just needed to confirm whether or not they had an opening. Then I stopped by my favorite local boutique Songbirds, to choose a couple of outfits. With the assistance of the owner and very experienced staff, I was able to rent a couple of outfits that we felt would look great on her. Finally, I needed a hair and makeup artist. After looking through my contacts, I reached out to Keyanah because I felt that she would be best suited for my client.

Then came the shoot. And the reason why I love doing what I do.

Once her makeup was done and she was dressed, she emitted a certain type of confidence and beauty from within. She looked beautiful, she felt beautiful, and her son looked so proud of his mom. I am so happy to have met this wonderful duo, and that she will always be reminded of this feeling with her portrait.


Photographer: Maria Sollecito Photography


Wardrobe: Songbirds

Hair and Makeup Artist: KC The Stylist

Beauty Portraits, Children, Fashion, Headshots




Mother’s Day

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